We give up. It was great that 150 people signed up for our forums …but only one or two actually posted anything. Meanwhile, literally thousands of spammer bots “signed up” for membership, so we spent all of our time deleting them so the spammers couldn’t post in the forums — time that we would have rather spent writing articles for actual medics.

But even after turning off user registration, spammer bots have kept trying to break in. They were never successful, but it still took resources to keep them out — while in the meantime, no one was reading the articles we did post.

So enough is enough: we gave up. If you signed up for our mailing list, it was also completely deleted.

Thanks for your interest, but if you aren’t interested in the site, we’re not interested in spending time, money, and resources to keep the site here for you. So if you’re an actual medic who dropped by to see what we had to offer, sorry! You’re too late.


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